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Discreet Options For Sending/Receiving Deposits both Nationally and Internationally

Hello everyone!

The topic of deposits comes up often with many touring providers wanting to secure funds for upcoming tours before paying for all of their travel and accommodations. Clients may have preferences for how they prefer to pay for deposits as well depending on their discretionary needs so several different options can be helpful. 

Some commonly suggested methods for receiving deposits from clients that I DO NOT recommend:

Paypal - not SW friendly and some transactions can be reversed by clients; if they inform paypal you are a SW the funds can be frozen indefinitely and you may never see them again; it can also be tricky using a fake name and attaching it to a real bank account to remove paypal funds for use

Western Union - both sender and receiver must use a real name and verify with ID to send or pick up, so for obvious reasons I wouldn't recommend this for deposits to and from strangers

Giftrocket - unless you're in the United States, I have not had luck using this service and they immediately deny or refund any client's money who have tried to send me this when I'm in Canada. 

Random gift cards - gift cards for shopping aren't the best way to receive deposits because you still have to front your own travel costs and won't be able to use these towards touring. While shopping is fun, it's best to save these types of gift cards for treats and tips and not major deposits for tours. 

Bank to Bank Wire Transfer - it seems like most banks will want to know the recipient name in order to wire money directly to another bank account, so this is not very discreet for the provider. You would need to set up a business account likely to have a different

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What Does GFE or a Girlfriend Experience mean when booking an escort?

I feel like this a controversial topic and one that many clients and providers will differ on based on their expectations and experience. 

Generally a GFE or girlfriend experience with an escort means something you would expect in terms of a fantasy encounter but with a significant other. It would be familiar, consensual, passionate/sensual/romantic, sexy and feel like a natural encounter. 

Escort service has not always been that way. In fact the GFE experience was only popularized a few years ago in the New York sex scene because some men were looking for a different kind of session. Some were not turned on by a standard session that was cold or impersonal and with many providers did not include kissing or intimacy of any kind. After it became popularized a lot of escorts worldwide adopted and even preferred to offer that type of experience for clients, and some offer an option for gfe or pse (porn star experience) for wider variety. 

For some clients the intimacy and natural comfort of being with a lady is something that they seek out, rather than an anonymous "one night stand" encounter that leaves them feeling a little too disconnected after it's over. 

My specialty is offering a natural and unrushed girlfriend type of experience for clients - even if we've just only met. To make them feel appreciated and cared for and enjoy a natural intimate connection with them. I am greeting clients warmly, happy to see them, want to find common ground to connect on, and make them feel special while enjoying an intimate and private experience. I take my time with them, I'm not watching the clock or abruptly ending anything to rush them out either. When I am with a client my focus is on them, and them alone to…

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What Is a Reference? Why Do Some Escorts Request One? and How To Provide a Proper Reference

As an independent escort the majority of time I spend working on my business is actually reading and responding to appointment inquiries. Lately I am finding that no matter how clear I try to be on my ads or on my contact form, that I'm still receiving too many inquiries that totally disregard the information I have outlined that is necessary for me to receive in order to feel comfortable booking an appointment. 

Today I want to talk about references and what they are and how they work in regards to sex work.

Why Do Some Escorts Request a Reference to Make a Booking?

In this industry, I would say that there are a few different types of ways some escorts go about for their bookings and wanted to go over them. 

1. Some escorts (whether represented by an agency or independent) will NOT insist on a reference before making a booking but will still have their own personal way of screening. 

2. Some escorts will ask for a reference IN LIEU of insisting on the potential client providing his full name and personal details to consider making a booking.

3. Some escorts will insist on BOTH a reference (sometimes even multiple) AND full name, work info and other personal details to consider making a booking. 

What Do I Require From Potential Clients?

I like to offer 2 options to potential clients, they can either provide a reference from another REPUTABLE and known sex worker that they have seen recently (without disclosing and verifying their full real name), OR they can provide me with their full name and personal details and I will verify they are who they say they are. 

Why Do I Need a Reference or Personal Details From Potential Clients?

I want to be as safe as

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Misunderstandings and Myths About Rates and That Escorts Only Want "Wealthy" Clients

There's been a lot of talk on review boards and twitter about ladies who increase their rates above the Toronto agency average rate (which varies between $220-$280 an hour for incall generally).

Some "hobbyists" (as they dub themselves) think they know exactly why a lady changes her rates, or how much she makes, or how many clients she sees in a given day or a week. 

But the truth is a lot of these remarks are just assumptions. They either did some arbitrary math in their head, or they spoke to one or two ladies and asked them personal questions about their schedules and rates and apply this to every other lady in the industry. (This is also assuming said lady told the truth, or the client is reciting it back 100% correctly which there's no proof for and shouldn't be relied upon either.)

No lady's business is exactly the same as another. Contrary to popular belief we are not machines able to crank out 6, 8, 10 clients a day every single day to "maximize" profits. 

One of the assumptions for ladies that increase or charge a rate for $300+/h is that they have the "golden pussy syndrome" and "think" they are better or worth more than some ladies who charge less. 


But there's many more reasons than that one to charge a higher rate than sheer arrogance about oneself. 

I'm not going to speak for other ladies and say this is exactly why they charge what they charge, as I don't know. For myself I consider and believe the following factors play a huge role:

1. Cost of incall location

2. Cost of advertising

3. Cost of marketing (i.e. professional photos, professional website, attire, etc.)

4. Clientele desired (i.e. at higher rates a client will be accustomed

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