How To Become a Great Client or Even a Top Client

Welcome to my blog! Whether you are interested in seeing me in Toronto, Cambridge, Ottawa or another city I thought I'd put together a little outline of some of the characteristics I really appreciate in a new or regular client. 

Great clients often do some of the following (not necessarily all of course!):

-when booking or inquiring for incall or outcall are respectful and ask just enough questions to satisfy their needs

-some like to ask if I need them to bring me anything (I usually say no thank you, but sometimes they bring me a beverage or treat anyway)

-arrive on time or just before the scheduled appointment. Not too early and not too late.

-walk in the door with a big smile and say "It's so nice to finally meet you" or "Wow you look gorgeous, thanks for seeing me"

-ask where they can put the donation (without us having to ask for it) 

-mention they are going to hop in the shower if I don't mind (without us having to offer/suggest)

-take hygiene seriously. Freshly trimmed areas, or clean shaven is very nice! 

-prior to arrival have brushed teeth, or using mouth wash on arrival, and washing their hands at the very least if they don't want to have another shower (and was done recently)

-Come out smiling and sit on the bed and chat with me for a few minutes

-Let me know what they like, or are looking for, also may mention what they would like to do to me and if it's ok (thumbs up!)

-Little cuddle session and chat after everything if there's time 

-Overall very pleasant demeanour and wish me a nice day when they leave

How To Possibly Become a Top Client (and possibly get preferential treatment/appt times)

-writing a nice introductory email about themselves wanting to make a good impression and then asking for appt availability (new clients that want to stand out)

-friendly correspondence in future bookings, but without spending too much time talking

-bringing a little treat such as a beverage, a snack, a gift, or a tip for me occasionally

-part way through the session ask me if we are able to extend because they are enjoying their time 

-telling me a funny story to make me laugh or being a great conversationalist so we get to know them better and are more comfortable 

-be open to reciprocity and enjoying intimacy and foreplay as opposed to just wanting to lay back and be serviced

-text/email after the appt to let me know what a great time they had

-Asking if they can prebook again in the future (as pre bookings are so nice to have!)

-letting you know their contact/no contact preferences (i.e. feel free to shoot me an email or text when you're next in town during these times, or wait until I contact you always etc.)

-Getting to know us as people and sharing their appreciation and respect for us

-bringing lunch/picnic (I once had a brand new client drive an hour to see me for an extended session and brought a picnic lunch and we had such a great time, and I will never forget it)

-during holidays bring us a little gift or keepsake

There is absolutely no expectation for any extras from the client. But this is a very intimate and personal business.  The better rapport there is between client and lady, generally the better the sessions will go and the more the friendship will grow.

Things good clients tend to never do:

-use overtly sexual language via text/email/phonecall or nicknames such "baby, babes, sexy etc" unless they have met me already and know I am ok with it

-ask for a discount before booking, or a discount to become a regular during the appointment

-show up way too early an expect to get extra free time or way too late for an appointment

-stay way over the appointment time unless at my offering

-short money for the session

-don't follow restrictions/ask again or beg for you to make an exception

-threaten a bad review if they don't get what they want

-refuse a shower, or use up all the fresh towels at the incall and make a mess in the bathroom

-no show and then try to rebook a month or two later thinking it's no big deal

-continuously cancel appointments last minute

-contact outside of working hours constantly via text or phone (Such as 3AM), instead of using email, or trying again the next day

-not respecting boundaries between the arrangement

-asking to see me outside of appointments off the clock and pressuring me

-asking for too much personal information from me or demanding to know

-being rough, demanding, or threatening during the appointment

-Asking for unsafe services

-Being overly loud or obnoxious in the incall so as to draw attention to the room

-Sharing too much personal information about themselves to the point where I am uncomfortable

-Charlotte Edwards, your Independent Toronto GFE Escort/Courtesan

Let me be your dream Toronto Escort, the GFE experience you always wanted.