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Screening Procedures Help Keep Escorts Safe and Build Trust When Booking New Clients

One thing I have found a little bit hard in this industry is having most inquirers agree to some necessary screening. Unfortunately with Bill C-36 in Canada a lot of gents are afraid of giving their personal information to a provider for fear of being caught or outted. Personally I have never had any issues with police showing up to my hotel or condo incalls, and certainly never to an outcall. So while I do understand the concerns some potential clients have, I have to point out that it is very unwise if not dangerous to see any new client who refuses to give me a name, phone number or reference from another provider. 

This can make it challenging for clients who have never seen a provider before, especially if they want to see a reputable lady who requires a reference for an appointment. 

Although there are many agencies in the GTA that do not require a reference, real name or any other information at all, independent ladies do not have as much protection as agency escorts do. Now i'm not saying that nothing bad has happened to any agency escort, but generally the ladies have another girl working in the same condo with them, or a driver nearby that can get help if she needs it. Independent escorts have a few tools they can use for screening, but generally work alone and take a higher risk when meeting new clients they know nothing about. 

There is no amount of money in the world that can trump my safety, and I have learned the hard way a few times now taking a chance on seeing someone who wouldn't provide a reference or any real information about themselves. I am a reputable provider with a well publicized track record on local

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How To Become a Great Client or Even a Top Client

Welcome to my blog! Whether you are interested in seeing me in Toronto, Cambridge, Ottawa or another city I thought I'd put together a little outline of some of the characteristics I really appreciate in a new or regular client. 

Great clients often do some of the following (not necessarily all of course!):

-when booking or inquiring for incall or outcall are respectful and ask just enough questions to satisfy their needs

-some like to ask if I need them to bring me anything (I usually say no thank you, but sometimes they bring me a beverage or treat anyway)

-arrive on time or just before the scheduled appointment. Not too early and not too late.

-walk in the door with a big smile and say "It's so nice to finally meet you" or "Wow you look gorgeous, thanks for seeing me"

-ask where they can put the donation (without us having to ask for it) 

-mention they are going to hop in the shower if I don't mind (without us having to offer/suggest)

-take hygiene seriously. Freshly trimmed areas, or clean shaven is very nice! 

-prior to arrival have brushed teeth, or using mouth wash on arrival, and washing their hands at the very least if they don't want to have another shower (and was done recently)

-Come out smiling and sit on the bed and chat with me for a few minutes

-Let me know what they like, or are looking for, also may mention what they would like to do to me and if it's ok (thumbs up!)

-Little cuddle session and chat after everything if there's time 

-Overall very pleasant demeanour and wish me a nice day when they leave

How To Possibly Become a Top Client (and possibly get preferential treatment/appt times)

-writing a nice introductory email about themselves wanting

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How To Book Your Favorite Lady For The First Time

How To Book Your Favourite Independent Escort

To make a good impression please always ensure that you are contacting her in the way she requests. If she offers email only, text only, or phone calls only please respect that. There's nothing worse than having to plead with the client to use the method of contact requested only to have them insist they are doing it their way. 

If she accepts text or phone calls, please do not contact her outside of her working hours. No lady likes to be woken in the middle of the night because someone wants to try their luck for immediately instead of politely emailing her, or contacting her the next day instead. 

When speaking to her please be respectful and use appropriate language. Do not use vulgar/graphic language or insist on services she does not provide. If she declines the service you asked for, simply move on to another option. 

Most ladies would like to know a little bit about their potential client. They may require a reference, or some more detailed information such as name, phone number, age, description, session expectations etc. 

Rates are generally for her time spent with you as a companion and are non-negotiable. Asking for a discount is not only disrespectful, but signals to her that you may try to push her with other boundaries she is not comfortable with in a session.

Asking her what kind of companionship and services she offers is fine if done respectfully. Please don't ask her for services she doesn't provide, or try to negotiate her restrictions. 

If she has an age restriction it is usually for a good reason, and best not to press the issue. You may inquire and see if she'd be open to an exception, but this is at her…

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