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There’s been a lot of talk on review boards and twitter about ladies who increase their rates above the Toronto agency average rate (which varies between $220-$300 an hour for incall generally).

Some “hobbyists” (as they dub themselves) think they know exactly why a lady changes her rates, or how much she makes, or how many clients she sees in a given day or a week.

But the truth is a lot of these remarks are just assumptions. They either did some arbitrary math in their head, or they spoke to one or two ladies and asked them personal questions about their schedules and rates and apply this to every other lady in the industry. (This is also assuming said lady told the truth, or the client is reciting it back 100% correctly which there’s no proof for and shouldn’t be relied upon either.)

No lady’s business is exactly the same as another. Contrary to popular belief we are not machines able to crank out 6, 8, 10 clients a day every single day to “maximize” profits.

One of the assumptions for ladies that increase or charge a rate for $300+/h is that they have the “golden pussy syndrome” and “think” they are better or worth more than some ladies who charge less.


But there’s many more reasons than that one to charge a higher rate than sheer arrogance about oneself.

I’m not going to speak for other ladies and say this is exactly why they charge what they charge, as I don’t know. For myself I consider and believe the following factors play a huge role:

1. Cost of incall location

2. Cost of advertising

3. Cost of marketing (i.e. professional photos, professional website, attire, etc.)

4. Clientele desired (i.e. at higher rates a client will be accustomed to being at least lightly screened and knows what references mean and will generally abide by a lady’s preferred contact method and hours of availability)

5. Volume of appointments desired (higher rate = less inquiries = more scheduling control for lady = keeping up with service and session expectations = generally consistent and happy clients, not to mention clients can actually book her, and not be told she’s always fully booked and tough luck)

6. Additional expenses/savings desired (i.e. paying off debt, saving for school, paying for school, saving to start a business etc.)

7. Amount of time she has available to actually see clients.

So the assumption that any lady who has a rate hike has suddenly gotten greedy or developed “golden pussy syndrome” is a rather harsh and unsubstantiated claim if the person does not actually know her.

There’s a lot of rate shaming that goes on online and frankly looks to be having the OPPOSITE effect on ladies that potential clients grumbling on review boards want.

I have in fact noticed that many Toronto ladies have increased their rates in the $400-$600/hour range, and some with a 2 hour minimum.

So…. ARE these who increase their rates ladies greedy?

Frankly that’s not your business, why don’t you just move on if you don’t like the rate?

Are these ladies ONLY looking for wealthy clients who they think are better than the average client?

What a crappy assumption to make!

There will always be SOME people who buy the most expensive version of an item they can find, or an expensive name brand because they feel it will be better – regardless if it actually is or not.

But wealthy clients are not just running around in large numbers and seeing every single lady that is in the $300+/hour range, that’s just ridiculous.

Some of the things I have heard from past clients are just ignorant. They say things like: “why do you want to market yourself to wealthy guys? They’re all assholes and will treat you like dirt and like they are better than you.”  or “guys like that are suckers and just encourage girls by seeing them at that rate”.

I’m sure that kind of guy IS out there… but that’s not what I have personally experienced, nor heard from any of my colleagues.

And this huge myth that only wealthy guys see ladies who charge more than $250 is frankly not helping anyone and is silly. Complaining about a ladies rate on an internet forum or social media is often going to have the OPPOSITE effect that you desire. If you’re one of these guys, are you hoping that she will cave in to peer pressure? That she will simply “come to her senses” and agree that people she has never met, who have never had any intention of seeing her are the ones she should take business advice from?

It boggles my mind that this goes on all the time, and some guys will jump on the rate shaming band wagon just because it makes them feel like they are DOING SOMETHING about it.

I don’t often see ladies lower their rates simply because of some random online complaints that have nothing to do with her service. The ones I have seen lower their rates either wanted to increase business for whatever reason (lower rates = more inquiries) or something with their schedule or expenses changed which allowed them to do so.

The truth is that all kinds of gentlemen book escorts at varying price points. I have seen gentlemen who have booked a lady who charges $80 a half hour, and then turned around and seen a lady who is $400/hour and then booked me. I’ve also seen gentlemen who only see ladies of the same price range, but they only book a few times a month or even less than that. I’ve seen gentlemen who only see an escort once or twice just to “try it” and see what it’s all about and didn’t care about price. I’ve seen gentlemen who save up for a few months to see me and only me, and others who see girls who charge less a little more often than me.

The point is, it doesn’t matter what their income is. There is no “one” income bracket of client that is being targeted. What is most important to me, and a lot of ladies is being treated with respect, being listened to, having our boundaries honoured, and generally being safe in the company of a client.

There are much more important benefits a higher rate attracts than simply making more per hour.

#1. Potential clients are more often than not polite and respectful in their inquiries

#2. Potential clients have a reasonable expectation for when they can book me, (i.e. emailing asking for a daytime appointment the following day versus texting/calling at 4am asking if i’m available right now).

#3. Potential clients are a little bit more willing to be screened, than be anonymous and are willing to show they are safe clients to see as they are not afraid of me due to the fact I have a good reputation

#4. Potential clients are more likely to lead to good clients in session such as: having good hygiene, paying the full fee on arrival, not expecting to go overtime for free, not expecting extra services for a good review etc.

#5. Much less chance of being robbed, assaulted, or threatened by seeing fewer clients you know more about than many many clients who are all anonymous.

I adore all of my clients regardless of how often they book me, they chose to see me, and that is something special and deserving of my full attention and respect.

By respecting a ladies chosen rate you are more likely to have a better experience than if you try and haggle or harass her. Nothing turns a woman off more than being told she’s not worth what she sets for her price point.

I know personally I prefer to have less clients overall, and ensure that I am available to meet respectful gentlemen who actually want to see me and not just anyone who’s available “right now”. My fees and my sessions reflect that and so far I am much more able to be consistent, well rested, and more able to accommodate all of my booking requests.

-Charlotte Edwards, your Toronto GFE Escort/Courtesan

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