Charlotte’s Crypto Wallet Payment Page

Here are my crypto wallet addresses if you’d like to send me a gift, tip, or deposit for a booking.

Bookings can be paid for in BTC, ETH, BNB or USDC (USD Coinbase stable coin) as they are a little less volatile than smaller alt coins.

->I will accept tips and gifts in any of those as well as XLM, XRP, DOGE, SHIB, ADA and many others just ask me.

Open up your crypto wallet or exchange and either scan the QR code from the photo or copy and paste the wallet address listed below each photo. Do not copy by hand to avoid errors. If you want to use my referral codes to sign up to some crypto exchanges and don’t already have a crypto wallet or exchange you may go here.

Thank you!

Tips, Gifts, Deposits or Full Payments:

$BTC Bitcoin Segwit Wallet Address (Latest)

BTC Segwit:


$BTC Bitcoin Legacy Wallet Address (For some older bitcoin wallets)

BTC Legacy: 


$ETH Ethereum Wallet Address: 



$BNB Binance Coin Wallet Address:

BNB Wallet:


$USDC USD Coinbase Stable Coin Wallet Address:

USDC Wallet:


Wallets for Just Tips or Gifts:

$ADA Cardano Wallet Address: 

ADA Wallet: 


XLM Steller Wallet Address:

Stellar boasts no transaction fees for sending so it’s a great option. There’s no memo needed for my wallet.

XLM Wallet:


XRP Ripple Wallet Address

Ripple also boasts no transaction fees for sending so it’s a great option. There’s no memo needed for my wallet.

XRP Wallet Address: 


DOGE Coin Wallet Address

And one just for fun

DOGE Wallet:


SHIB Shiba Inu Coin Wallet Address

SHIB Wallet: