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Please note that I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. You may do your own research or hire a professional if you desire. This page is only meant to help and inform because of our unique industry that makes it very difficult for us to safely and anonymously send and receive payments from friends and colleagues. Clients may benefit from this too for having a better discreet option especially for international friends. Please also consult a tax professional for when you cash out large amounts of crypto if there are capital gains owed for legal purposes. Maybe don’t YOLO everything into DOGE though… start off with some Bitcoin or Ethereum instead.

Why would you even want to buy crypto in the first place you may ask?

Why does anyone buy gold or stocks or invest in retirement accounts or trade world currencies? They either want to buy an investment or make a purchase or even speculate on other foreign currencies and trade them. With crypto currency you can do all of this, buy and hold it for the long term to watch it grow in value year over year or you can use it to purchase and send money to people all over the world.

The original point of crypto was to get some of your cash/liquid assets away from banks so they can’t deflate their value, lend your money out to other people, lock it up arbitrarily or freeze your assets indefinitely. Bitcoin was created after the housing and stock market crash in North America back in 2008. With crypto you can control and access all your funds at any time when you put it in a crypto wallet. (This is where you want to store it long term, not just leaving it on an a crypto exchange where you buy the crypto currency initially as that’s more like a bank).

I know several providers who have had their credit cards canceled or Paypal or bank accounts frozen and funds seized for forever. Banks do this every day and can essentially steal your money if they don’t like the kinds of transactions you do with your credit card or checking account unfortunately. I think it’s criminal that it’s legal, but what else is new? We know many large corporations and government entities don’t care about seizing our funds should there even be a hint of these activities being not “family friendly”.

If you put some of your money away in a crypto wallet (again different than the exchanges I list below) you can control your money and no one can freeze it or take it away from you as long as you protect the seed phrase (English word key) for it. Some examples of hardware offline wallets you plug into your computer USB would be Trezor and Ledger, or you can simply download Coinbase Wallet (different from just the Coinbase exchange app) for most cryptos or Metamask wallet for Ethereum, ERC20 based token coins, and Binance Chain BEP20 token coins. Personally I have both because I hold multiple cryptos and a variety of Ethereum based ERC20 token coins too. If you get a wallet app make sure you set up 2 factor authentication, consider having your phone company lock your sim card to your phone so no one can steal your phone number, AND most importantly write down your 12 word seed phrase in the exact order listed in the security settings of the app. Put the seed phrase in a safe, maybe make several copies and keep them in safe places. This is your key to your wallet should you ever lose your phone or forget your password. Seed phrase explained here.

If you leave your crypto currency on an exchange and never move it to a wallet you will not have a seed phrase and the exchange technically controls your crypto and they could freeze your account or limit your withdrawal abilities or worst case there could even be a hack. The exchanges try their best to prevent hacks but it has happened in the past to some of them.

What kind of ROI does crypto even have?

If you had bought $10,000 USD in Bitcoin (43 BTC) on Jan 30 2015 (shortly after I started in this industry as an example) for $232.51 USD each the same amount of Bitcoin would be worth over $2,556,145.74 USD today (May 10 2021 as I’m writing). If you had bought $10,000 USD in Ethereum on Jan 29 2017 for $10.50 each (952 ETH) the same amount of Ethereum today would be worth $3,853,747 if you did nothing else but buy and transfer it in your wallet. Long term holding of popular crypto currencies garner far better returns than the average day trader or S&P500 stock portfolio over the same period of time.

Now these types of massive exponential gains are unlikely to happen again specifically with Bitcoin and Ethereum over the short term, but they can still increase by 20% or more with Bitcoin and at least 2-4 times or more per year for other crypto in value. Long term they may do even more. This year it is particularly important to start investing as soon as possible as it’s a bull market crypto cycle due to the halving of bitcoin mining. (It is now more rare and a lower amount is becoming available than previously and Bitcoin influences the value and popularity of all cryptos). Crypto is going to keep increasing in use all across the world and as it does and the price goes up with demand just like any real currency. Rich countries have strong currency because of their buying power, usefulness for industry and accessibility. You used to have to buy Bitcoin online from a stranger with Paypal or from a special ATM in a convenience store, now you can buy it right from your phone. Right now we’re in a time like when the internet just came out and people started asking why they would need it when they can write a letter, talk to their banker in person, go to a library and get a real book or use an Encarta CD rom at home on their desktop instead. Even online banking is only a few years old and just becoming more widely adopted because we can access it 24/7.

Crypto currency also is available 24/7 and isn’t like the stock market or bank branch in having limited set hours. You can buy, trade, sell, or send crypto any time 24/7 365 days a year.

If you are new to buying and trading crypto currencies below are some of the platforms that I use and my referral codes for you to get some free crypto when you sign up and make a trade.

Crypto is an easy way for people all around the world to send funds, gifts, and make purchases without needing to do a bank wire transfer or money order. You can send or receive the crypto completely anonymously. You will have to register your personal info with the exchanges below for legal reasons due to KYC (Know Your Customer) laws but only they know your info.

Some of the youtube channels I’ve found useful for learning about crypto and new alt coins (I have no affiliation or investment with them this is just sharing):      Especially to learn how to use Binance more if you want to do Margin trading.

(Youtube links may be removed by owner request if needed)

You can sign up and register for a crypto exchange right from your phone and it’s a lot less hassle than going out and buying a Visa gift card and cheaper than Western Union or a wire transfer every time you need to. You don’t have to give out your name or address to anyone who wants to send you crypto or trade you crypto either.

The links below are my referral codes that take you to a sign up page. I will never have access to any of your personal information nor will you mine. When you are done sending, trading or purchasing and want to hold your crypto and leave it safely for long periods consider transferring it to your wallet so that no one can touch it, not even the exchanges. 🙂

It may take you 1-2 days to become verified on the exchanges below because of the growing demand in crypto account sign ups lately. There are so many different exchanges out there, these are just the ones I’ve had experience with for multiple trades so far. For tracking profit and loss and cost basis you may be interested in they also have tax report options. This is only a small amount of info I know but I wanted to keep it as short as possible because buying and holding even just a little bit of crypto is easy to do and worth the trouble over the long term if you keep your accounts secure.

Sex Worker Friendly Crypto Wallet For Tips/Payments is sex worker friendly to receive crypto currency from clients. You won’t be able to buy crypto with it but you can receive BTC, ETH, DAI, LTC USDC crypto directly or clients can check out with Debit card and use Wyre. You can transfer your crypto from SpankPay to your bank account or send to another crypto wallet to use or hold long term.

Canadian Exchanges to E-transfer into

Newton is a new Canadian exchange based in Toronto, ON that covers transaction fees up to $5 and has a good amount of the more common crypto currencies you may want to initially start using. Also accepts wire payments but I use e-transfer to fund the account.

Buy or trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDC, Ripple, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, USDT, Stellar

->Sign up with my link for Newton and receive $25 CAD when you trade $100 CAD

An established Canadian exchange. $0 Deposit and withdrawal fees. Minimum E-transfer withdrawal is $100 CAD. Also accepts wire payments but I use e-transfer to fund the account.

Buy or trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar

-> Sign up with my link for Coinberry Get a $20 credit when you buy or trade $50 in one transaction

Shakepay is a Canadian exchange I’ve used for a few years now Montreal, QC based company that is super easy to use if you want a simple platform to only buy the main 2 cryptocurrencies and no hassles.

Buy or trade Bitcoin or Ethereum only

->Sign up with my link for Shakepay and receive $10 CAD in crypto when you trade $100 CAD

International and US Friendly Exchanges for Bitcoin and Alt coins

Binance is the top crypto exchange in the world with offices worldwide. You can read this summary of what they offer here. It can be used by residents in 180 countries around the world and 48 US states. Along with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and others here’s a full list of what crypto currencies they offer. Trading fees are 0.1% and down to 0.02-0.04% for VIP high volume traders. You can deposit your money into Binance via bank transfer, credit card, Banxa, Simplex or crypto transfer.

For non US citizens the cheapest option I’ve found is buying XLM Stellar or XRP Ripple on another exchange and sending it to Binance (as those are free fast crypto currencies to use) and then I convert it on arrival to USDT stable coin, BNB or BTC to trade for some of the more exotic/international coins available on Binance. If you use the Pro version instead of Binance Lite/Classic (an option in settings) you can do more custom orders with stop limits etc.

->Sign up with my link for Binance and get a 10% bonus in crypto when you start trading

Gemini is a US based exchange started by the Winklevoss twins that used to be associated with Facebook. It is available in 50+ countries including Canada, all US states, The UK, Australia, New Zealand and more. You can see here.  Gemini has over 60 crypto currencies you can purchase including Bitcoin. US citizens can connect their bank accounts to Gemini, International users can wire transfer or use their credit card or apple pay to make purchases. Gemini charges 0.1-0.25% in trading fees depending on trade volume.

For non US citizens the cheapest option I’ve found is buying XLM Stellar or XRP Ripple on another exchange and sending it to Binance (as those are free fast crypto currencies to use) and then I convert it on arrival to USDT stable coin or BTC to trade for some of the more exotic/international coins available on Binance. If you use the Gemini Active Trader version instead of Gemini Basic (an option in settings on the website) you can do more custom orders with stop limits etc.

->Sign up with my link for Gemini and get $10 USD in Bitcoin when you trade $100 USD

There are many others that are USA friendly but those are the ones I use the most.

Exchanges for More Alt Coins Beyond the Main Crypto Currencies

Is one of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges and is based in Malta but has offices in Hong Kong. It sells over 100 crypto currencies and serves over 200 countries including Canada, The UK, Australia and New Zealand among others. It is NOT available to residents of the USA. I use it to buy different Alt coins that wouldn’t be available on Binance or Gemini and due to the Ethereum transaction/gas fees being so high I found it a bit cheaper than using Uniswap for example. Trading fees are 0.15-0.2%. You must buy crypto initially elsewhere with your bank or credit card and send it to OKEx to trade for whatever other crypto you want.

->Sign up with my link for OKEx get up to $30 USD in crypto with Referral code: 7557586

Is a large international crypto exchange based in the USA. It serves over countries including Canada, The UK, Australia and New Zealand. I also use Gate to buy alt coins that aren’t available on Binance or Gemini. They of course sell the standard crypto currencies as well. Their trading fees are 0.2% and you can make transactions as small as $10 USD. You must buy crypto initially elsewhere with your bank or credit card and send it to Gate to trade for whatever other crypto you want.

->Sign up with my link for get up to 10% in crypto back

KuCoin is an international exchange based in Hong Kong. It serves 67 countries including Canada, The UK, Australia New Zealand and many more. US citizens can use it, but they aren’t able to verify you with KYC Know Your Customer laws and so they cap the daily withdrawal limit for these customers at 2 BTC which is still quite a lot. Trading fees are 0.1%. You must buy crypto initially elsewhere with your bank or credit card and send it to KuCoin to trade for whatever other crypto you want. I mostly use KuCoin for alt coins that aren’t available at the main exchanges.

->Sign up with my link to save 20% off of your transaction fees

How Do You Get SHIB Shiba Inu token the “DOGEcoin Killer”?

What is $SHIB? A new doge meme token on Ethereum that just launched that claims to have less inflation and more utility than DOGE coin. You can check the website out here or Reddit or Twitter. Their 14 day value chart has exploded and you can see more details on 

Exchanges that are safe to buy SHIB on:




It’s incredibly popular right now so the gas/transaction fees to purchase are pretty high on Uniswap.

A Warning

For exchanges to be wary of I’ve only heard complaints about buying crypto on RobinHood lately and they’ve had problems freezing and crashing when people were trying to sell AMC and GME stocks and DOGE coin so I would not recommend them and use at your own risk.

In general: I am not an expert, I am still learning some of the more advanced crypto information and tactics. Do your own research, always investigate something new before you buy it. Find out if the creators/owners identify themselves with a project, or are they unknown and potentially hiding? Check the coin $ codes or #hashtags on twitter, search them on reddit, read their webpages, check them out on or to see their pricing charts. Join Discord or Telegram groups for different coin projects and get a feel for the people behind the projects. Do not YOLO or go all in on one brand new project the day of launch and think everything you dump $1000 or $20K in will make you a millionaire. Lots of the new up and coming Ethereum ERC20 and Binance Chain BSC projects can be pump and dump schemes and some of them have better creators than others.

Always ALWAYS double check the website URL before you login to something or make a trade. Make sure you didn’t click a suspicious link that is pretending to be that website instead and type in your info. This is especially important when you are trading on a DeFi exchange like UniSwap and Pancake Swap, Sushi Swap, 1Inch etc.

If you want to earn passive income on your crypto start googling and learning about DeFi and staking or look into centralized options like BlockFi. Crypto purchasing and holding can be as easy or complicated as you make it just like stocks or foreign currency trade. You do not have to get into everything if you don’t want to. You can however easily teach yourself how to buy and hold a crypto currency and send or receive it from others just like Venmo or Cashapp or Paypal.

For DeFi trading and getting completely away from banks and exchanges for the most part you will need a wallet like MetaMask, Trust Wallet or Coinbase Wallet and use UniSwap for ERC20 Ethereum projects (with ETH in your wallet to pay transaction fees) and Pancake Swap for Binance Chain BSC projects with BNB Binance coin in your wallet to pay fees. For more on DeFi please start watching youtube videos and learn how it works and what not to do so you don’t lose money. I.E. Backing a scam project that dumps all of it’s coins from whales selling off and leaving the liquidity pool to cash out empty or underpaying the gas (transaction fee) for a swap or trade so that your transaction gets sent back to you and the system keeps your gas fee. DeFi is not necessary to make money off of crypto but it’s where people are going to get in on the bottom floor of new projects before they are listed on major exchanges and “potentially” go crazy up in value. I am not a DeFi expert and still learning.

Additional Common Sense Tips

Never ever give out your 12 word seed phrase for your wallet. Do not store it in a cloud. No customer service rep will ever ask for it or need it, if they ask they are trying to rob you. Never tell anyone how much crypto you have and don’t show them so they don’t try and steal your phone or computer passwords. Always write down your seed phrase and passwords and keep them somewhere safe in at least 2 places only you know in case you forget them with time or your device is lost. If someone steals your crypto through a hack or your device or you lost all your passwords no one can help you.

If anyone on Reddit, Discord or Twitter DM’s you offering you their help pretending to be customer service for ANY crypto wallet or exchange block them immediately and never give them your information. If you are only buying Bitcoin or Ethereum to hold long term this is probably not necessary but very helpful if you want to learn about other projects.

Buy at least some Bitcoin and Ethereum to hold and diversify with everything else that is more risky. Don’t get caught up in FOMO and dump everything you have into a random project you don’t know anything about from people you can’t identify that has no communal purpose or community utility behind it. You will need ETH, BNB Binance coin, DAI, USDT or USDC stable coins in your wallet if you want to get into DeFi to make purchases on Uniswap or Pancakeswap and pay fees.

Do use Twitter, Youtube, Reddit and Discord to research, connect and ask the community questions, but be wary of strangers in your DM’s offering “help” randomly. Never give someone your money or account info to invest for you. Don’t just copy every single thing 1 person does either just in case they make terrible choices long term.

Don’t let this scare you. Crypto is here and it’s happening. Visa will be settling it’s transactions on the Ethereum network and banks are going to be issuing their own stable coins to get in on the crypto market to profit off of everyone. It’s not going anywhere and it’s better to start now than later due to the increasing gains and learning curve. Crypto is also better for purchasing and making transactions because it’s done anonymously and you’re less likely to have an issue than someone stealing your credit card or cloning your debit card in day to day life. I’ve never had my crypto lost or stolen but my credit card info has been stolen several times online over the years and even once in person and used.

Panic selling is a good way to lose your gains and your investments. You may be able tot make some quick gains if you like the idea of day trading or holding only for a few weeks. But to lower your risks you should probably consider holding on to your investments for at least 6 months to a year if not longer to really see exponential gains. Bitcoin and Ethereum will go up and down but have not gone to $0. Those who hold long term see the biggest gains as it continually goes up year over year.

Want to Say Thank You?

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