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Reviews of our sessions are absolutely not required, but I accept tasteful reviews on Private Delights as I
understand that some gentlemen like the confirmation of a review before selecting a special lady to see. If
you do choose to review me, may I ask that you keep the review classy and not graphic in nature. I have chosen
some excerpts to highlight what you can expect from me, should you choose me for a special rendezvous. Most of
the clients that I see these days are regulars and thus don’t write reviews because I already have so many it
can seem redundant. 🙂

Direct Review Quotes

I’ve seen her before when I was in Toronto where she does most of her work anyone who’s ever been to Toronto
and saw SPs there knows that that place just rocks with the shear caliber of talent and number of SP ladies
and Charlotte is one of the Top providers. when she started traveling out West she made my day, besides
being very pretty with Gorgeous long brown hair, she knows how to make you feel special, loves to kiss,
smart and a genuine nice person a total professional, shes a 10 for me and I would highly recommend her
pictures are exactly as she appears. -Boatboy2, PERB

I have to say she looked like a dream, with perfect hair and understated makeup, wearing a breezy summer
dress that showed off her magnificent legs. She is truly breathtakingly beautiful, with dark brunette
features and alabaster skin….. And then … and then … we had the most incredible, intense, mesmerizing
make-out session I’ve ever had in my life. She is a simply amazing kisser, and things alternated between
soft and sensuous, and intense and fervent over the next half hour…… Charlotte is an absolute, literal
dream. Fun, smart, pleasant, gorgeous, sexy, totally enchanting. I have been breathless since the meeting.
-toronto life, TERB

Well, I have experienced Charlotte Edwards and I can now confidently say that I am a believer. She’s worth
every penny….. This girl is an awesome kisser. Full stop. I honestly think I could have an entire session
with her where all we did was make out and I wouldn’t be very disappointed…. The verdict? In addition to
her obvious skills in the bedroom this young lady is a professional, devotes all of her attention to you
during the session (definitely no clock watching, phone checking, or other distractions) and is a heck of a
lot of fun to just cuddle with and talk to after the ‘main event’ is over. In the end I think it’s fair to
say that there is something special about Charlotte Edwards…I am now a believer. I highly recommend her if
you want the ‘full GFE’ and want more than a fly-by-night quickie. Thanks Charlotte!
-corvu12, TERB, CAERF, and SP411

I’d describe my time with Charlotte as the GFIWIHE – girlfriend I wish I had experience. We started off with
some kissing and I probably could have made out with her the entire time….. Charlotte is a sweet and sexy
girl. I hate driving to downtown Toronto, so I could see making it easier to see Charlotte as a strong
argument for improved train service between KW and Toronto. Hopefully she visits here again from time to
time. Otherwise I may need to visit Toronto at some point. -waterloodude, SP411, CAERF, and TERB

Charlotte came across as being intelligent and humourous on twitter. Her pictures on her website shows an
attractive woman with a great figure and wonderful long hair….A great GFE. Definitely recommend. A
beautiful woman who is not only a sweetheart but very skilled in what she does. Thank you Charlotte for
a great time. -Luton, Terb and CAERF

She is a true girlfriend experience, more than just a SP in my books. When I arrived, she’s genuinely
happy to see me, we talk for a bit and she’s interested in what’s going on with me since last we met.
Charlotte is one of the best kissers I’ve ever met. It’s not just sex but a total experience. She flirty,
fun and seductive all at once. She is truly a Classy Lady in public, makes me feel good to be with her.
-TFZL1, CAERF and SP411

I had heard anecdotally that Charlotte’s ass was the stuff of legend; the type of butt the bards used to
praise in prose. Perfect shape, wonderfully soft yet firm…I TOTALLY get what all the fuss is about…
-DB123, TERB and CAERF

Very attractive woman! However, her looks are only part of the whole package. She is a super sweet person
that makes sure you feel that you are the most important person in the room. For those of you who are
looking for someone that is good looking and has a really impressively built/solid body, and great service,
she is for you. Everyone talks about her ass (which is awesome), but she has really exceptional personality
and great tits as well. THE WHOLE PACKAGE! -jamba2, TERB

Had a visit tonight. Well worth the damage. She books up fast, so I got lucky. Can honestly
say that everything was absolutely awesome…thanks guys for pointing me this way. It occurs to me, now that
I’m more experienced and have hobbied a bit, that some girls that I found impressive when I started out
wouldn’t get as good a review from me. It’s like now that I’ve tasted filet mignon, I realize how much
meatloaf sucks. -swiftgoose, SP411

Well I was curious about this lady and her famous butt for some time :). I met her briefly at the social and
what really got my attention about her (no not her butt) but her smile and great personality…… What can I say
about her other then she is hot, very classy, great personality and loves to please. Now just a heads up she
enjoys being treated like a lady so if u treat her as one you will have a great time. -JB, SP411

What a fantastic girl, all woman, rounded and curved in all the right places. Her smile was brilliant, her
hair gorgeous, Her lips seemed hungry for kisses, and what kisses, Just kissing her was an erotic experience
all in itself. No doubt the best kisses this guy has ever had. Bar none. Worth the price of admission alone.
Great firm breasts tipped with perky responsive nipples that just begged to be played with. Smoooooth skin.
Clean shaven….. All in all one of the best sessions I have had with a provider, and I did leave with a smile
that lasted for days. -digitalfingers, SP411

This girl is absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn’t call her a tiny spinner. Rather, she is petite and curvy in all
of the right places. She has a gorgeous smile, full and sexy lips, fantastic long brown hair, perfect b cups,
and one very nice, fresh and tasty…. Charlotte is a natural… she should absolutely be on the TTT list! go
see her and treat her well guys! -BigJohn79, SP411

I finally had the chance to meet her while she was [visiting] Whitby this past weekend. She was staying in one
of the nicer hotels which is always a plus….Made me feel very at ease, she is very affectionate, full GFE
best SP I’ve seen in long while. Photos are accurate, beautiful lady with a warm inviting personality.
-Magnum, SP411

I’m generally not an avid hobbyist, so my nerves were ramped up before meeting her, but her light hearted
attitude calmed me right down and made me feel like I was supposed to be there. As everyone else has said,
you won’t be disappointed in your time with her. She is definitely money well spent. -jacwaks, SP411

What else is there to add about this classy lady that hasn’t been said lately? She deservedly holds a spot
on the TTT list. So it should be….Great session as usual Charlotte. I’m still smiling this morning & my
brain is still firing on ecstacy. Charlotte Edwards 10/10 like last night & the time before & the time
before & the time before that too. Only thing I should add is I think I’ll apply for one of those handicap
signs for my car & park in the handicap parking spot when I visit as I usually have trouble walking
after I see her…. -Norman64, SP411

The amazing Ms Edwards lives up to her reputation. She was incredibly attentive and focused on me. Best
kisser I’ve met….. -findfun, SP411

Had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady last night. I have to say it is was one of the best experiences
I have had. Greeted by a petite Charlotte with a warm smile, dressed in short tight skirt. In a nutshell, I
felt like I met a long-lost girl friend and an hour of intense and erotic….. Gents treat her like your
lovable queen and I’m sure Charlotte will take care of you . -DaddyCool781108, SP411

I was very happy that I saw her, her pictures are accurate, nice girl with a positive attitude, this girl
has skills, one of the best…. I’ve ever had. Charlotte seems to love what she is doing, very responsive
she enjoyed herself as much as I did, she’s also a great kisser… -I love blonds, SP411

I experienced with Sexy Charlotte, what I have only experienced with Sp’s that are on my Top 10 List and
for those who have read the reviews of some of my favourite Ladies, You know exactly what I mean.
Charlotte is not only sexy but has an Elite Service with Impeccable Hygiene, something that it is hard
to teach and find in most new Sp’s to the Business….. -papi69, SP411

Had the pleasure of spending an hour with this lovely lady. An hour was not enough time. Two hours will
be needed next time. She is a sweet heart… One of the best hours I have had in my 10 plus years.
southmarket1977, SP411

Saw her today. The pics are her, but the persona even more appealing than the look. This is one rare
SP. Unsurpassed GFE. Perfect choice when you feel like kissing and cuddling. Classy in a middle class
girl-next-door kinda way: early 20s, clear skin, squeaky clean (everywhere), minimal ink, healthy
brunette mane neatly parted like an ‘A’ pupil, nonsmoker. Definite repeat. Claims to be new to the biz;
if that’s true, she’s a natural. One of the best ever. -JohnThomas, SP411

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Added on January 11, 2016

I met this wonderful lady on my birthday recently and it was the best birthday present I could ever ask for to meet her and I am so glad I did. Charlotte is a very beautiful girl and she genuinely cares about you and wants to make sure you are having a good time and are comfortable at all times. I was a little nervous when she first opened the door to greet me but my nerves went away very quickly when she smiled at me. I knew I was in for a great time when she did that. I did all the things I enjoy and the session was not rushed at all. She treated me like a king and made me feel special and like I was the centre of her attention. She is a great person to talk to on a variety of subjects and we had great conversations throughout the session and I finished with a nice cuddle before I left. I will definitely repeat with her and I highly, highly recommend seeing her as you will not be disappointed, I promise. One thing I will say is just treat her well, she is absolutely worth it but respect her and treat her like a queen and she will make your day. I cannot wait to see her again. Thank you once again Charlotte for making my birthday extra special for me!


Added on September 16, 2015

Right from the first encounter, Charlotte made me believe in true, unselfish GFE (which forever eluded me before). What a man of few words – like me- can tell you is that she will take you in a realm of ONE desire; no more “his”, or “her”!! Gents, treasure this gem, and you may become believers too…


Added on July 2, 2015

Charlotte is an absolute, literal dream. Fun, smart, pleasant, gorgeous, sexy, totally enchanting. I have been breathless since our meetings – once with Simone Loren, and once on our own.


Added on December 16, 2014

Amazing woman, charming! Exotic, sensual, well educated and smart! 2 times with her and could not be better. You are an Angel.


Added on November 27, 2014

My head is still spinning with thought’s of Charlotte’s gorgeous little ass… I took a chance and found this gem on Eros and inquired about an outcall. She was prompt and professional and just what I was looking for. When I opened the door I was blown away! Much prettier than I expected and wearing this slinky little dress that showed off her great figure. I was instantly attracted to her smile and her beautiful eyes. I had originally booked her for an hour but I quickly extended it to 90 min and that’s rare for me. I thoroughly enjoyed her company and we had a nice little cuddle and chat before she left. There’s something so real and genuine about her, unlike anything I’ve experienced before. In any case I can’t wait to see her again!

Dan T

Added on November 23, 2014

I was quite surprised to meet such a nice young lady like Charlotte a few weeks ago. She seems to have a lot of buzz about her and for good reason. Charlotte is one of the most beautiful SP’s I’ve had the pleasure of visiting and she truly cares about her clients. I always felt that our hour long sessions were never long enough and she’s been the first provider I’ve felt an instant connection with. I appreciate that she is always professional and discreet, which is important to me. Her figure is simply magnificent and she makes me feel like I’m in my 20’s again! I hope she comes back to KW area in the future. I know how much I’m going to miss her.


Added on November 15, 2014

I have had the pleasure recently of spending time with this fabulous woman. She is all I could ask for and made my time exquisitely erotic and beautiful. Her description of herself is if anything, understated. She is extraordinarily beautiful, responsive, intelligent and passionate. She is also thoughtful and respectful with time and with discretion. I never felt rushed and felt like I was the centre of her attention. A definite repeat for me.


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