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One thing I have found a little bit hard in this industry is having most inquirers agree to some necessary screening. Unfortunately with Bill C-36 in Canada a lot of gents are afraid of giving their personal information to a provider for fear of being caught or outted. Personally I have never had any issues with police showing up to my hotel or condo incalls, and certainly never to an outcall. So while I do understand the concerns some potential clients have, I have to point out that it is very unwise for me if not dangerous to see any new client who refuses to give me a name, phone number or verifiable info that they are who they say they are.

This can make it challenging for clients who have never seen a provider before, especially if they want to see a reputable lady who requires some form of screening to book.

Although there are many agencies in the GTA that do not require a reference, real name or any other information at all, independent providers do not have as much protection as agency escorts do. Now i’m not saying that nothing bad has happened to any agency escort, but generally they have another person working in the same condo with them, or a driver nearby that can get help if she needs it. Independent escorts have a few tools they can use for screening, but generally work alone and take a higher risk when meeting new clients they know nothing about.

There is no amount of money in the world that can trump my safety, and I have learned the hard way a few times now taking a chance on seeing someone who wouldn’t provide a reference or any real information about themselves. I am a reputable provider with a well publicized track record on local review boards, but unfortunately we are at a disadvantage in that the person seeing us may know much more about us than we know of them.

This is why I ask for a real first and last name, cell phone number (no landlines, no text apps) and either a LinkedIn profile or piece of ID to know that you are making a legitimate booking, and you are a safe person to see.

There are many many assaults and robberies on escorts every week in the GTA that many clients are not aware of, and providers who are forced to see clients with zero information about them are at a much higher risk.

Please understand that any reputable provider’s reputation is very important to them, and they are not asking for your information to get you into trouble, but it’s for their own peace of mind so they can feel safe and start the booking off on a good note.

None of us want to be terrified of the person on the other side of the door, or book someone who will no show, hurt us, short change us or rob us.

Thank you for understanding, and I hope to reassure you that you are safe in providing me with your personal information for screening purposes.

-Charlotte Edwards, your Toronto GFE Escort/Courtesan


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