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Hello again! Thanks for being here and showing interest in my blog 🙂

So I know we live in a busy world and life can be crazy especially these days. Toronto especially is full of busy people with a million different things that are going on and sometimes we can run into some unpleasant experiences from day to day. But one thing I really noticed about living here, is how flippant or flakey some people seem to be. This This of course goes for civilian friends or sex worker colleagues as well.  I know it’s definitely not only observed in this industry, but any in which you would need an appointment or reservation or make plans to meet up.

But since this is an escort blog that’s what I’m going to be talking about today. If a gentlemen is contacting me for an appointment for the first time, first impressions really do matter. We as companions have no idea who we are communicating with. Depending on the day we might have a few inquiries or just one, but being clear and polite really makes a difference so you can stand out and draw our attention.

Most of the time when potential clients contact me they omit at least a few important pieces of information so I cannot go further with the booking process.


An example of a vague email that doesn’t make a very good impression is:


are you available now?



A better email would be:

“Hey Charlotte. My name is Rick and I’m a 43 years old, I’m looking for a 3 hour appointment for 5pm on Friday. My cell number is (_____________) and here is my Linked In Profile ________________. Looking forward to hearing from you!



An even better email would be:

“Hello Charlotte. I found your ad on Slixa and it really intrigued me and I think you are someone I’d love to meet. I’ve taken a look at your website calendar and it looks like you’re available. My name is Rick and I’m a 43 year old marketing manager and I’m looking for a 3 hour appointment for 5pm on Friday. My cell number is (_____________) and my LinkedIn profile is here ________________.  Let me know if you have any further questions. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,



The first email makes me think you are messaging the same thing to a dozen providers and I don’t really think you’re interested in seeing me at all.

The second contains a little more information that I can start the screening process and be able to book you sooner, this is greaat!

The third email gives me a better sense of what you’re looking for and all the essential information I need without having to ask and seems like you’ve taken the time to check out my website which is really impressive and appreciative.

I know that it might be nerve wracking contacting an independent companion especially if it’s your first time or your first few times, but we just want to be safe with who we are spending alone time with and want to select kind and respectful gents from the dozens of messages and emails we get every day. 🙂

Have you ever had trouble booking the independent escort that you want?

If you have, have you thought about how you communicated with her? Every sex worker is different, but first impressions are important.

Some things that don’t lead me to want to respond to an inquiry are:

-Texting in the middle of the night asking if i’m available now

-Saying things like “Hey if you offer x (that I don’t offer)  i’ll come right now”

-Using slang “Hey bb you avail?” or “Hey do you do Gr33k?!”

-potential clients blows up your phone/email with constant messages before you have a chance to respond and starts getting rude “Hello?” “I’m waiting” “Guess you’re not interested!” “Bye!!”

-generic text/email “Rates? Restrictions? Availability?” (I’m a person please talk to me like one)

-someone fills out my booking form and avoids putting ANY or most information such as omitting cell phone number, date or time of appointment request or screening info

-contacting me for an appointment and when I reply they ignore me and never respond and then weeks/months later continue to keep trying to contact me and ignore me when I respond.

-potential client previously cancelled an appointment last minute or no showed and wants a new appointment months later asap and pretends nothing ever happened

-potential client continuously emails/texts asking questions over the weeks and months but never even attempts to book

-vulgar email address or review board handle. Anyone who has offensive, graphic or other off-putting language in their username or email address automatically turns me off. I really can’t take someone seriously that they will be kind and respect me if their email address contains the terms killer, or pussyslapper for instance. Yes I know it’s not online dating, but it’s still my body and my choice who i trust to be intimate with.

-in the initial booking request if someone insists that they need to be able to slap me, tie me up, bite me or anything that sounds rough and I don’t know them, this does not make me trust that you won’t do these things even if i say no and book you. Asking if something is ok is fine, insisting that YOU NEED something that hurts me or scares me to happen or you won’t book comes across poorly.

-Refusing to give any information about yourself  (We can’t really go anywhere from here if you expect me to agree to seeing you with zero information about you like even a name or cell number)

-DMing on twitter or a review board expecting to book but giving no information about yourself

-sending dick pics or other unsolicited photos

-asking for discounts, or rates for standard sessions that are clearly listed on the website and ads


I have many lovely clients that I adore and appreciate that were courteous and forthcoming about their basic info and requests so we could spend some time together. It’s unfortunate but I have had to deal with a lot of individuals that had no consideration or respect with how they contact me.

In short, we companions would love to see you but please just be kind and don’t make us chase you around. The first initial contact should contain most if not all the pertinent information when requesting a booking. Getting through the basic details and on to the fun stuff and session planning is much more exciting!

-Charlotte Edwards, your Independent Toronto GFE Escort/

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